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Fall In Love At First Sight That’s what a landing page is supposed to do. Your landing page should be attractive enough to make your visitors fall in love with you at first sight. Persuasive pages not only help you grab required attention but make your visitors stay for long period of time. Therefore, at Logonado, we design interactive pages that not only meet people’s expectations, but help you drive more customers.

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What Is It?

Unlike rest of the website pages, these pages should be extra innovative as it is one page that creates first and last impression of your brand. In order be impressive enough, you should get a design that captures visitors’ attention and actively engage them to place an order or complete a lead form. A business investing in PPC or SEO definitely needs a page specifically designed to ad links.
Through ad links if a visitor is directed to homepage, observation states the rate of conversion will be low. On the other hand if a user is redirected to specific page listing every required thing, probability of converting visitor’s into solid leads increase by three times.
As a matter of fact, websites that deploy Stated observation is based on simple fact that time to attract visitors is quite short and when they don’t immediately find what they are looking for, they will leave.
The basic design of a website landing page design is similar to a typical webpage. However, there are some major differences that separate a landing page from a webpage. The key purpose is to encourage visitors to take some action that you want them to take. It could be calling you, filling up a form, or click given button.
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Important Aspects of Web Design Landing Page

The header is given utmost important, therefore the main focus remains on creating highlighting and appealing header for the page that immediately attract visitor and have him glued to your website. Another important aspect is customization. At Logonado we customize pages based on the demographics, history and location of the visitors.

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Unconquerable Landing Page Design Company

Your first page is your sales pitch to capture visitors, it’s better to have it designed from an experienced and skilled company. Or teams’ skills and efforts come together to form a page which has all the required elements to get possible results. At Logonado, our designers effectively fight against the ugliness and save you from all the trouble. We take your website as an inspiration because it helps in making a connection and appealing potential customers to stay long on your website.
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