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Smart And To The Point

Billboard is one of the best techniques used for advertising any product/service. In case of T.V and radio ads people have the option to turn of the device or change the channel but different is the case with billboards. With the right design when your billboard’s position is right, your product/service will be noticed and will consider your offerings.

It is highly important to grab audience’s attention in short time with eye catching creations, only experienced skilled professional can help you have a piece that fulfill your needs as well as your customers’ needs. Logonado is a leading billboard design service provider that has been proudly serving clients from all over the world. Read More

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Are Billboards Still Relevant?

In digital age, they still relevant? YES! According to 58% drivers, hoardings make them learn something. 38% stated that they buy product/service advertise on the board.
Statistics don’t lie; you still have the opportunity to reach out people through advertising board. Billboards are usually noticed by people who are stuck in traffic, people who gaze out of the window and people waiting for public transportation.
Through efficiently designed posters, you can efficiently grab the attention people’s attention and convey your message. It is one promotional tool giving high return on investment. Read More

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Communicate Your Message Instantly

For creating stunning hoarding that increase your conversion rate experience is necessary with all the required expertise. Logonado has experience of over a decade. Our team of billboard designers is highly skilled and well experienced in creating cost effective designs that clearly communicate your message to people on the go. Additionally, our creations are visually engaging and attractive leaving a positive impact on your marketing goals. At Logonado, we ensure a smooth fulfillment of your expectations and goals.

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We Keep It Simple

Logonado is one of the billboard companies with all the required expertise to craft any sort of poster. Following is a list of few design services that we offer:

1. Outdoor Billboards
2. Ad Banners
3. Scaled hoardings
4. Flex Designs

Whether you plan to have a generic billboard or specific hoarding directed at specific people, we can help you with every type. We recognize and keep in mind that billboard design needs to be short and catchy so that they grab the eyeballs.

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